Searching for Commercial Solar Panels?

Any smart business owner will be looking for ways to reduce operating costs while improving cash flow by hiring commercial solar contractors. As a commercial solar installer, ES Solar is a leader among commercial solar energy companies. We help you invest in the future by installing commercial solar panels on your business premises. We offer our services to commercial property owners throughout Utah. 

Why solar?

Solar is rapidly growing as an energy source when compared to other renewable energy source such as wind and hydropower. Secondly, solar offers a renewable, clean, limitless, and safe energy source. This is why it has become the preferred choice for many businesses. And that’s not all. Today, solar systems are affordable thanks to state and federal tax credits. 

As a professional installer, our goal is to enable you to take advantage of solar power and use it as a way to cut your long-term energy costs. Installing commercial solar panels is also a bold statement of your commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices. 

One advantage of working with us is that you do not have to figure out your electric schedule needs. We will do this for you. Our state-of-the-art commercial solar panels and systems are designed to consistently supply your power needs daily. You may choose between a solar energy system that supplements your electricity needs and one that fully covers your operations. 

Work with a Trusted Commercial Solar Panel Installer

Are you looking for a reliable commercial solar installer?

Several aspects make ES Solar stand out among commercial solar contractors. It is important to note that installing commercial solar panels is more complicated than residential installations.

First, we do not make assumptions when it comes to solar installations. Our ES Solar certified technicians will first conduct a structural assessment of the roof area. This helps us determine the dimensions of the panels to install. Next, we design a precise and detailed solar blueprint for your business. We aim to create a dependable, functional, and cost-effective energy source that your business can rely on now and in the future.

That’s the reality of installing a commercial solar panel system. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating electricity rates affecting your monthly operating costs. Your solar energy system will generate and store power from sunlight alone, and no one can place a premium on that.

Stop Looking for Commercial Solar Energy Companies and Call Us

Need a commercial solar installer?

When working with a commercial solar energy company, be sure to find out who will perform the installations. Customers are often unaware of the fact that many solar installers will often rely on subcontractors for their installations. This means that they outsource the work to third parties once you hire them. There are several qualities that distinguish us from other commercial solar energy companies. At ES Solar we have an in-house team made up of expert technicians who are responsible for installations. 

We don’t just focus on commercial solar panels; we establish long-term relationships with our customers. Given that most solar panel systems last for about 20 years, we are committed to walking with you throughout this period. As such, our in-house team is well trained and at hand to address all your needs as they arise. We are proud to be the one-stop-shop for all solar needs in Utah.

We’re dedicated to fine-tuning your installation and making solar power not only a possibility, but a functional, dependable, and affordable energy source for your company. 


What Makes Us Different

ES Solar understands what it takes to survive and thrive as a business. We share success stories from our customers who are company heads with concerns just like you and help you see why solar is the energy choice of the future. Call us today to set up your free consultation and get a commercial solar pricing estimate.

Free Customized Solar Plan

Thinking about solar? We will provide you with a free no-obligation home evaluation and customized solar plan. This will contain the information you need to determine if solar is right for you. This will contain the information you need to determine if solar is right for you. Let us know more about you by filling out the form and one of our professionals will contact you with more details. 

If you have any other questions please contact us at: (801) 614-0606