Solar FAQs

The experts here at ES Solar love to hear questions about the benefits of going solar from local Utah homeowners and business owners! Our team will do their best to answer any questions you might have about going solar. Here are some examples of the most popular questions we get from clients about solar panels:


Our team usually places the power inverter near other systems in your home like your furnace – not out in the open like in your living room. As a result of this, it also cuts down on the volume of the noise the power inverter makes. In fact, the noise it makes isn’t loud at all. It sounds like a mini refrigerator.

What Tax Incentives Am I Eligible For?

You can receive many tax benefits from installing a solar panel system at your home or business with federal, state, and local tax credits. In 2021 you could receive up to 25% of the cost of your system up to $1,200 tax credit from the state. Federally, you could receive a tax credit of up to 26% of the total cost of the solar panel system through 2022. This means there’s never been a better time to think about going solar than now!

How Will Solar Panels Affect My Roof?

Solar panels from ES Solar will not harm your roof. Our solar panel experts attach the panels using methods that preserve roofing warranties. In fact, when solar panels are installed over shingles, they are better protected from the elements and the everyday wear and tear of life. By extending the life of your roof even by a few years, it will put more savings in your pocket!

How Do Solar Panels Perform in Bad Weather?

The most important thing solar panels need to produce energy is sunlight. When it’s cloudy out your solar panel system will produce little to no energy. However, your system will store extra energy harvested on sunny days to save it for cloudy days. When you have the right size solar panel system, your home will run fine even on the cloudiest of days.

The solar panel system that ES Solar uses – the SolarEdge system, can create energy even when some parts of your panel are not in direct sunlight. In other words, even when part of your panel is in the shade it will still produce energy. Each of the panels is equipped with its own power optimizer so that they can operate independently. In comparison to other systems where their productivity will drop even when the smallest piece of the panel is in the shade, our solar panels will continue to work.

How Do I Keep Track of How Much Energy Is Produced?

When you use our SolarEdge system, you can enjoy cloud-based active monitoring. With this, you can check real-time production, find exact locations of any problems, get email alerts, and track your data. You are in complete control!

Got more questions? Need answers? Call our team of experts today! ES Solar has the answers you need!

Free Customized Solar Plan

Thinking about solar? We will provide you with a free no-obligation home evaluation and customized solar plan. This will contain the information you need to determine if solar is right for you. This will contain the information you need to determine if solar is right for you. Let us know more about you by filling out the form and one of our professionals will contact you with more details. 

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